Learnapage | Overview

Teaching is complicated enough. Let's keep the tools simple.


To develop a simple system for marking up, discovering and sharing self assessment questions on the web.


  1. To develop sample markup for true/false, multiple choice, extended matching and flashcard questions.
  2. To develop JQuery plugins to manage student interactions with the questions.
  3. To develop plugins for existing content management systems to ease the creation and display of questions.
  4. To develop a prototype search engine capable of parsing and diplaying questions from multiple websites.


This project is still in it’s inception phase. As yet there are no deliverables.


MCQ Samples Written

I've put together a sample page containing some MCQ markup and some javascript that switches feedback on and off depending on which option is selected.
Phil Rees, 24th July 2011

Google Moderator Setup

I've set up a suggestions page on Google Moderator. Please feel free to make suggestions there, and also to vote on existing suggestions as this will help me prioritize development.
Phil Rees, 5th June 2011


At the moment there are no project deliverables. However, you might find the following links provide a useful technical background.

HTML Microdata

This is the W3C Working Draft.


A joint initiative by Google, Yahoo and Microsoft defining many schemas that the search engines have agreed to use as a basis for parsing and indexing content.

Development Blog

I've started blogging about Learnapage development over on phrees.com.